Life Among the Blooms Vol. 32 is a recap of the week and about random things going on over at White Lilac Farmhouse and an important tip.

It is a chance to get to know me a little better and see what I have been up to.


It has been raining nonstop all week. Finally, Saturday afternoon the sun came out behind the clouds. It is gorgeous here today.

It is the perfect time to work in the yard. My husband and I are doing some maintenance work with the landscaping. Shrubs are being trimmed or pruned back.

I am working in the gardens cutting back some of my plants. My balloon plants were in need of being deadheaded. I gave them a nice clean cut back.

Cutting back Balloon Flowers

While trimming these plants back, I discovered something. These wild mushrooms are growing from all of the rain in my cottage garden.

These wild mushrooms (fungi) look like potato chips. An important tip for you, never touch something in your yard that is not familiar. Why? It can be very poisonous. That is exactly the case with these particular mushrooms.

Pleurotaceae can be very poisonous. In my plant lookup app, it says that they CAN NOT be used as any basis for EATING or TOUCHING ANY of these mushrooms. These mushrooms have a fan, oyster-shaped cap spanning 2 to 10 inches. They are medium size and have white spores. Stay clear of them!

There are wild mushrooms that are edible. This particular kind of mushroom should be avoided.

How to get rid of mushrooms out of your yard or garden?

When we have these long periods of rain, it is when mushrooms seem to appear. Spores travel through the air. New mushrooms form in wet and humid areas. Especially when those conditions last for long periods of time from rain, overwatered yards, or lawns with poor drainage.

How to get rid of them:

  • Fungicides – You can purchase fungicides at your lawn care centers. Spray the fungicide over the affected area to kill the fungi.
  • Dish Soap Method – This is the method that I use in my garden. It will not hurt my plants. Wear gloves and carefully remove mushrooms from the garden by digging them up with a spade. Place them in a small trash bag and tie it tightly. It will prevent the fungi from spreading spores. In a mason jar I will fill with water and put a few drops of Dawn dish soap. You can give it a stir. Now pour the soap water mixture into the hole where the mushroom lived. It should prevent further growth.

We use the dish soap method. So far it has worked over the years. This same method can be used to kill Japanese Beetles on your plants.

current look at the cottage garden

Autumn Sedum Life Among The Blooms Vol 32

In the fall, my cottage garden has hues of pink and mauve. The Autumn Sedum are wonderful perennials to have in your garden. They love fun sun and bloom from August through November. This plant is called Autumn Joy.

The Autumn Sedum plant variety is called Autumn Joy. It is one of my favorites. Another fall plant blooming in my garden is a Chrysanthemum with small white flowers.

this week on the blog

Gorgeous dried flowers with texture woven faux pumpkin

Did you see my wall basket filled with dried flowers? These flowers are from either my garden or dried from a bouquet of flowers from the Amish Market. Instead of tossing out the old bouquet, I pulled out a few flowers to dry. The hydrangeas are from my garden. You can read my post Beautiful DIY Dried Flowers In A Wall Basket for my step by step tutorial.

Easy Overnight Muesli Final

Have you eaten Muesli or ever heard of it? You should check out my recipe for Easy Healthy and Delicious Overnight Muesli. It is so delicious and packed with protein! I wanted to create a recipe to keep more protein in my diet.


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halloween inspirations & recipes

I have seen so many fun Halloween ideas among my blogging friends. Easy decorations that you can make for your home. Especially those of you that like to entertain and have Halloween parties.

Today, I am sharing inspiration for Halloween that had me saying “WOW”. You will really enjoy these ideas.

fun, spooky Halloween Inspirations

Photo Courtesy of Rachel, The Ponds Farmhouse

How fun is this spook Halloween table Rachel of The Ponds Farmhouse made with Dollar Tree items. You can create a fun and affordable tablescape too. Read here post Cheap and Easy DIY Halloween Centerpiece Using Dollar Tree Decor.

Photo Courtesy of DIY Beautify

How adorable is this BOO Pillow! Cindy of DIY Beautify stamped a pillow to create this look for Halloween. It is so stinking easy and darling! You can see her HALLOWEEN STAMPED BOO PILLOW COVER Tutorial here.

DIY Wooden Ghosts
Photo Courtesy of Do, Do Dodson Designs

How about these spooky little ghosts made from scrap wood? My good friend, Do is at it again with her ghost theme decorations. She made these cute ghosts and has her full tutorial on How To DIY Wooden Ghosts (Easy Halloween Craft).

Fall recipes

Everything Bagel Pumpkin Cheese Ball
Photo Courtesy of Jen, Midwest Life and Style

My sweet friend, Jen of Midwest Life and Style always has the most amazing recipes. Look at this delicious looking pumpkin shaped cheese ball. I have this recipe on my list for my Thanksgiving dinner. You can snag the recipe here.

Photo Courtesy of Stacey, Garlic, Salt & lime

Need another healthy breakfast or snack idea for the fall? Stacey of Garlic, Salt & Lime has this incredible Easy Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal (with pecans) recipe. Her blog is filled with wonderful healthy and delicious recipes.

Hope you enjoyed Life Among the Blooms Vol. 32. Remember my important tip. If you see any of those mushrooms, do not touch them. Keep safe!

Sunday blessing to you, my sweet friend!


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  1. Tammy, thank you so much for sharing my cheese ball recipe. It is a favorite at our house and always disappears quickly! I hope you enjoy it!

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