Life Among The Blooms Vol. 39: Organization & A Road Trip


Life Among the Blooms Vol. 39 is a recap of the week and about random things going on over at White Lilac Farmhouse and a tip of the week.

It is a chance to get to know me a little better and see what I have been up to.

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The month of January flew by quickly. It has been a busy month of getting things organized around the house. Honestly, I took me forever to get my Christmas stuff packed away. My full-time job left me exhausted from deadlines and heavy workload. I am sure many of you can relate. After work, I barely ate a thing and some evenings climbed into bed.

Last Friday, we had recorded temperatures here in Southern Maryland. It got up to 80 degrees. Is that crazy or what? Saturday was pretty too but not as warm. I tinkered in my garden for an hour. It was a little tease of spring!

It was great being in the fresh air since I am fighting off a sinus infection.

We also have doing some organization & a road trip this month. More about that below.

Another reason for the delay in putting the Christmas decorations away was this mess in the basement storage area.

Basement shelves with containers and a mess!

There is no to blame except for myself. I am the culprit of making this area a mess. Why? Because I have way too much stuff and nowhere to put it.

Great Storage Tips & Tricks Series (24) Part I

Last year, I adapted a storage system using ToteScan labels and app. It’s wonderful but I had more containers to go through and it was time to purge unwanted items.

The wonderful thing about my totes that had the ToteScan labels, I could edit contents from my phone.

This time, I went through each of the containers. I was able to take items to the thrift store or give away. It cleared up shelf space where some items could be kept out. Items that are breakable or I may need to use more often.

Concrete basement floors painted gray and easy to mop to keep clean.

After we moved into this home, my husband painted the basement concrete floors with a paint made especially for concrete. It helps to seal the floors and the dust from the concrete does not come up through the floor.

The floors got a good cleaning with the shop vac and then mopped.

My goal was to get everything off the floor!

It was a several week project but so worth the work. The space is better organized for me to find things easily. The floor area in this space is completely clear.

Messy Exercise space and dusty equipment - creating a better space.

The exercise space was a hot mess too. We could not even use some of the equipment due to other stuff in the space.

I grabbed a bucket filled with warm water some Lysol and a microfiber cloth. All the dirt and dust were wiped away using a damp cloth rinsed out in the water and cleaning solution.

You can see how dirty the floor are in this space from construction in the basement.

Now we have a great space to exercise. A shelf to hold hand and ankle weights, kettle bells, mats, a medicine ball and other items. We have a Pelton bike, a NordicTrack Rowing machine and an elliptical.

Theater room rack in the storage closet.

We received a free mini frig from a neighbor. It is perfect to hold Gatorade and water.

It’s now a great space to workout during the day.

We had two of our grandchildren for a long weekend while their parents were on a trip. Jim and I decided to do a road trip to Liberty Mountain Ski Resort. The grandchildren had never been tubing before.

We went up the night before and stayed a hotel in Gettysburg, PA. It had an indoor swimming pool and hot tub. We all enjoyed it especially with all of the snow around. My grandson enjoyed making a waffle in the morning for breakfast.

Liberty Mountain Ski Resort was a lot of fun. I sat inside with the perfect view of the hills for the tubing. The stand up tram took them to the top of the hill with their tubes. You could hook the tubes together for more fun down the hill.

I had to pull my grandson off the hill. He could have gone another hour.

We will definitely do this again. Next year, I will be healed from my knee surgery and can go tubing with them.

Invest in a label maker or label system. It will help you know what is in your bins and storage container. Whether the storage containers are in your pantry, linen closet, basement, garage, or attic, labeling will help you find items more quickly.

It doesn’t matter what you’re organizing, labels are key to getting and staying organized. They save time, provide clarity, increase the chances of staying organized, reduce stress and frustration, increase productivity, and save money. How many times do you buy duplicates because you don’t know what you have on hand?

Why use labels?

  1. Labels can identify what items are especially for pantry items and cleaning supplies.
  2. Labels can identify what’s in the container and where to put the items back. It helps keep you organized.

Some of my favorites:

Coffee Table with a throw, books, beads, candle and small white vase.

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Hugs, sweet friend,

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  1. Tammy, your storage area looks amazing! Can you come to organize mine next? It is a disaster with a capital D! I need to spend some serious time purging too and I think I need a few more shelves to get things up off the floor.

    Your trip with the grand littles sounds like so much fun. What special memories for them (and you).

    Thank you for sharing my Galentine’s Day brunch. I appreciate it!

  2. Love hearing from you always, but this post really rang a bell. Me too, organizing and ready to hit the road with our two grandsons . No tubing in Arkansas, but we will find a trail to hike I think. Of course I LOVED your red truck door decor…too CUTE !! sending love and warm hugs sweet friend!

    1. Hello, my sweet friend, Alda. It is always so wonderful to hear from you. Thank you so much for commenting. You continue to make those memories with your sweet grandsons. They will remember their special time with you.

  3. What a great post, Tammy. Love your trip with grands. And your basement bins are inspiring. So glad you loved my soup and thank you for sharing it. Have a great week, sweet friend!

  4. Way to get things organized! I definitely need to purge and reorganize my storage area, too! Thanks so much for sharing my 7 books to melt the winter chill post! I appreciate it! xo

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