Outdoor Fall Table Setting

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An outdoor fall table setting is the perfect time to welcome in Autumn. The temperatures begin to cool and leaves begin to turn.

My husband and I both love Autumn. During the fall months we spend even more time doing activities outside including eating outdoors. The bugs become less of a problem outside and makes the dining experience more enjoyable.

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I wanted to create a lovely outdoor fall tablescape for an evening outdoor. Nothing like having a beautiful table setting and delicious food to help make someone feel special.

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Autumn Floral Arrangement

You will need to cut the top of the pumpkin off. I went about 3 inches down. The inside of the pumpkin will need to be cleaned out by removing the seeds and scraping the sides to remove the string content with a spoon.

Brick Foam Block that can hold water was cut down to fit inside of the pumpkin. Using a watering can, you need to pour enough water over the Brick Foam Block until it darkens.

Next begin working in the filler into the foam. You can trim any pieces later. The filler will give you a base to work with when adding in your floral. I am using eucalyptus as my filler for this arrangement.

Cut your flowers to size and begin to work them into the pumpkin with filler. I am using sunflowers.

Outdoor Fall Table Setting Sunflowers B.jpg
A beautiful fall centerpiece using a pumpkin as the vase with eucalyptus and sunflowers.

After working all of the sunflowers into my arrangement, I found a few twigs from the yard and placed in the center.

Outdoor Fall Table Setting (9).JPG

Just a little more greenery from the yard. I cut some branches from a blueberry bush with leaves to fill in any open spaces in the fall flower arrangement.

Adding Accessories to your table setting

Adding a plaid table scarf or throw at an angel across my table was the first step. It creates a nice base for your table setting.

At the end of the table, I placed a large basket with two large yellow mums inside it. I began to work in small pumpkins and gourds in the front of the basket and on the table.

Large pumpkins were put on the table. Four tall candle holders with candles helps to set the mood. I sprinkle six apples on the table around the candles. You can even carve the apples to use to hold tea lights too. A couple tea lights finishes this outdoor dining space.

Outdoor Fall Table Setting (4).JPG

This dining space was so easily transformed into a lovely outdoor space.

Outdoor Fall Tablescape - Autumn.JPG

The best part of this project was when my husband came over and said it was beautiful! It is the little joys in life that we can call blessings.

Final Reveal of Outdoor Fall Table setting

Outdoor Fall Table Setting.jpg

Vintage brown transferware, napkins, Waterford Crystal, silverware, beaded pumpkin napkin rings and a few more tea lights finishes this fall table setting.

Outdoor Fall Table Setting.jpg

Here is the finish outdoor fall table setting. A perfect spot to create some memories here at White Lilac Farmhouse.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. The opinions here are all my own. It helps me to continue to bring to you DIY and projects on my blog.

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Happy Fall!

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  1. I’m right there with you Tammy. We seem to spend more time outdoors too. Fall is beautiful and the bugs are not bad.

    Give me a sweater and pumpkin coffee outside and I’m happy


  2. You are truly talented and an inspiration to me. Love your outdoor fall decor and only wish I was as creative as you. Can’t wait to see your Christmas ideas.

  3. I agree with your hubby. You did such a beautiful job, Tammy! I love the arrangement in the pumpkin! I think it is so important to decorate the outside, too. I say the two things are pumpkins and mums!

  4. Oh, Tammy! This may be my favorite post ever! You have made me want to cross my lawn to my picnic table next to our fire pit and create a setting that’s warm and cozy. I love everything about your table. It’s stunning! And I agree with Jim…it’s beautiful! You have my creative juices flowing this morning, friend. Happy weekend!

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