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It took awhile for all of my items to come in for the patio. Now, I can do my patio reveal today with the sun shining.

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I am still missing my iron tables and chairs. We need to get them out of storage this weekend. I have an iron bench and two tables with chairs purchased from Ballard Designs many years ago. They are great quality and have last over 10 years.

This patio is a game changer for us. We get morning sun on the patio. Late afternoon and evening is nothing but shade. It is just perfect to sit out here in the evening after work.

Patio Reveal 5.jpg

I bought these great furniture High Back Outdoor Patio Chair and Deep-Seat Outdoor Patio Loveseat Covers from Home Depot. They are perfect to protect the furniture and water-proof.

Patio Reveal - Covers 1.jpeg

The jury is still out on my furniture selection. I absolutely love the height and comfort of the furniture. It’s a 4-Piece Metal Patio Conversation Set with Blue Cushions by Top Home Space. The cushions are a beautiful fabric with lovely button details. To be perfectly honest, I do not like to see the untidy welling marks on the iron work of this set but the cushions does hide it. I am giving my honest opinion and the set is very pretty and sturdy.

Patio Reveal 3.jpeg

Can we talk about this rug? I love this Archer Lane Keating Rug. I have it in a 7 x 10 and perfect for the patio seating area. The colors are so beautiful with the shades of indigo blue, Aruba blue, Kelly green and white.

Patio Reveal 1.jpeg

It was the perfect choice and the final item to arrive before the patio reveal. What I love besides the colors is the rug is Machine woven of inherently stain-resistant polypropylene making this perfect for high traffic areas and with the pile height of 0.2-inches it offers lasting durability and easy cleaning. I clean it with my cordless vacuum in a matter of minutes.

Patio Reveal - Rug.jpeg

I also have these beautiful Moroccan White Ceramic Garden Stools that comes in a set of 2. The stools are perfect as side tables or extra seating.

Patio Reveal - Garden Stool 1.jpeg
Patio Reveal - Garden Stool 2.jpg

The patio reveal would not be complete with out showing you some of my planters.

Patio Reveal B.jpg
Patio Reveal C.jpeg

Plants on the patio will add such a beautiful impact to the space and a way to add pops of color and texture.

Patio Reveal A.jpeg

This patio is still a work in progress. Currently, my hubby is in the garage filling the weights with sand for the large patio umbrella.

We would like to put string lights out here for the evening. This fall we will be adding a small wall along the herb garden and on the opposite side of the back porch to help keep the soil and mulch from washing away.

Below I have listed the resources for all of the products for the Patio Reveal:

Did you see my post on the construction of the patio with before and after photos? You can read it on the post Saturday Morning Coffee Talk – New Patio.

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    1. Carol, thank you so much. We really are enjoying this space. The yard looked so ugly before and now it’s progress in the right direction.

  1. Tammy you did a great job with pulling all the blues together! The outdoor furniture looks so comfortable, love the rug and your flowers are so pretty! Enjoy your summer months sitting and relaxing on the patio!

  2. It’s so true, a patio can be a game changer and I’ve enjoyed following the progress of yours. I love your new seating area and the navy blue cushions. I wish I’d chosen a darker color for mine … it’s so hard to keep lighter colors looking clean. Love your rug, but I’m swooning over the garden stools. I love a good garden stool and these are fabulous! Looking forward to seeing your wrought iron table project. xo

    1. Thank you so much, Juliet. I have grandchildren who are messy and a little Frenchie that likes to rolls in the dirt. So we had to go with a dark color. I keep them cover when we are not using the patio.

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