Sundays Life Among The Blooms Vol. 4


Good morning, sweet friends! Welcome to Sunday life among the blooms Vol. 4. Hope you have your cup of coffee in hand (tea or Favorite beverage).

Here on Sundays, I talk about random things going on over at White Lilac Farmhouse or little something about myself.

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This morning on Coffee Talk, I am enjoying my coffee on the front porch. It’s a little bit chilly this morning. However, it’s nice to sit outside and listen to the birds and enjoy the quiet.

This week has been busy around the White Lilac Farmhouse.

We Got A Shed

If you saw my stories this week, our Amish built shed was delivered on Wednesday.

Saturday Coffee Talk 1A.jpeg

The shed was on the truck backwards and had to be flipped in the right direction for placement. It was put on the truck facing in the wrong direction.

Saturday Coffee Talk 1B.jpeg

Here it is in the right position. The whole process on putting the shed in place was very interesting. There are wheels under the trailer that can lift and turn the shed.

Saturday Coffee Talk A.jpeg

Once it was in place, my husband and I worked to plant two Nadia Bushes and Purple Cora Bells in front of the shed. Deer do not like these type of plants.


Of course nothing is ever easy, we hit a few tree roots and had to workout that issue.

Saturday Coffee Talk C.jpeg

Mr. G added some mulch while I worked on plant placement in the flower boxes. Now we need the ramp dropped off. The Amish man forgot to put it in the shed for the driver. The shed will have a 6′ ramp on the front so that the mower can be placed inside. No it’s not a “She Shed”. It’s actually a “He Shed” to keep my garage clean.

I just love how it matches our house. We had to special order the sliding to match. Our home has Carolina Bead Board in Seagrass.

More Gardening

I worked on the cottage garden. More plants were added to it.

Saturday Coffee Talk D.jpeg

I added mixed color Lupines, White Phlox and these beautiful pink flowers at the bottom right called Delosperma “Garnet” Hardy Ice Plant. When the the Delosperma finishes blooming, all of the beautiful texture of the leaves stays.

My Thursday painting project reveal had to be postponed to next week. Real life malfunction! I was working with a new paint and it blistered in some places on me. I have been redoing furniture for twelve years now. Never experienced an issue with paint. It was so disappointing.

I will spare you the photo because it made me cry ugly tears out of frustration. It’s being sanded and will be using one of my regular go to paints. Thank goodness it was not a sponsored project.

Saturday Coffee Talk F.jpeg

This sweet girl, Piper is on the mend from a drug overdose yesterday. I was working on my painting project. When I walk back into the bedroom, I found Piper chewing on a bottle of Melatonin with pills scattered about the carpet. She apparently got it off my son’s nightstand.

She looked up at me with drunken eyes. Normally, if I try to take something away it becomes a game and she runs. Not this time.

Immediately, I called the emergency line for our Vet. Thankfully, this type of Melatonin did not contain an ingredients xarelto. The Vet said Piper would be fine but will need to sleep it off.

She slept most of the afternoon. What a horrible scare! Piper is doing better now. Not eating as well but should improve by Sunday.

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Enjoy your weekend, sweet friends!


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