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Good morning, sweet friends! Welcome to Saturday Morning Coffee Talk. Hope you have your cup of coffee in hand (tea or Favorite beverage).

Here on Saturday, I talk about random things going on over at White Lilac Farmhouse or little something about myself.

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We had a new black aluminum fence install. It is up to code for a pool (another future project). Why did we go with aluminum? Because of the low maintenance and durability. We talked to three different contractors and settled on this black aluminum fencing. It was the best decision. Now, we have the secure feeling of letting Chloe and Piper (our fur babies) outside to play and run in a safe area. We do not have to leash them. They enjoy being free to room outdoors.

Black Aluminum Fencing.jpg

This table and chairs set needs a new coat of paint. I have been working on it today to sand off the chippy paint to prep it for a new coat of paint. Stay tune for an update on it next week.

You know it is one of those projects where nothing seems to go right. The first can of paint worked perfectly. The next two clogged and gave me a fit. I will be doing a blog post next week on how to fix this issue. Some good tips that everyone can use when painting.

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I had to take a step back from posting to work out some kinks with the blog. Sometimes it requires hiring someone to do a few things to help you out. I also was working on items behind the scenes on the blog as well. A few administrative changes to make it better.

If you do not have any Limelight Hydrangeas in your yard and love hydrangeas, you need to get some. Last spring, I ordered six Proven Winners Limelight Hydrangeas plants in 2-gallon containers from Lowes and had them delivered to my home.

In May 2020, they were all planted in the yard. And, a year later look at them. Can you believe? From 2-gallon containers to this in one year?

Beautiful Limelight Hydrangeas

The plants are huge and tower over me at 5′ 2″. Look at the size of this bloom. It has to be 6″ in diameter.

Gorgeous clusters of Limelight Hydrangea blooms.

Are they not gorgeous? The color against my Seagrass Green siding just pops and looks lovely. Next year, I am will order a few more to plant near my fence in the corners.

Limelight Hydrangeas

The Limelight Hydrangeas grows well in part sun to full sun. My hydrangeas that are in part to full sun seem to be taller than the ones of the side of the house with full sun.

What I have read about them, they can tolerate full shade up to 4 hours. Part sun for 4-6 hours. Limelights spread 48-60″ and can get heights of 48-72″ tall. This fall, I will trim mine back.

Last year, I dried some of the blooms to enjoy in the fall. These blooms dry really nice for all year enjoyment.

Friday Favorite Finds – This week’s, Friday Favorite Finds is around entertaining. I found some wonderful items to create a lovely summer tablescape.

18 Best Plant Stands for Every Style – This week I did a porch refresh to style a beautiful plant stand. I put together a list of 18 best plant stands for every style.

If you miss a Saturday Morning Coffee Talk, you can find it here.

Stay tune for next weeks posts. I have some great projects to share with you.

Hope you have the most amazing weekend, friend!

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    1. Cindy,I love all of the trees and plants that you have in your yard. I have some Strawberry Sundae Hydrangeas but I think the Limelights are my favorite. I love the color and how big the blooms get.

    1. Cindy, I love them too. Best choice to put them in my yard. I just love clipping and bringing them indoors. I had no idea that the blooms would get this big.

  1. Beautiful hydrangeas! My limelights didn’t bloom this year and I am researching to find out why! New crepe myrtles and bobo hydrangea are loaded with blooms. I’m clueless! Love that fence and can’t wait to see that pool go in! I would so like a pool in this house. I miss our last one! Happy Sunday, friend!

    1. Thank you so much, Leslie. I wonder too why your limelights did not bloom. Maybe they will bloom late this year. My hydrangeas are all blooming late this year. We had a cold May which was unusual.

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