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Good morning, sweet friends! Welcome to Saturday Morning Coffee Talk. Hope you have your cup of coffee in hand (tea or favorite beverage).

Here on Saturdays, I talk about random things going on over at White Lilac Farmhouse or little something about myself.


The beginning of every year, I commit to learning something new. It’s something that I like to challenge myself to do. A teacher, Mrs. Estep once shared the greatest advice “you are never too old to learn”. She went to college after raising her family and became the most amazing school teacher. She even taught my oldest son.

A few years back, I decided that year to learn to knit. I knew how to Crochet but really wanted to learn to knit too.

Five years ago, I had went on a trip to Italy. While on the trip, I met two amazing women Jan and Beth. They brought their knitting along on the trip. Both of them were knitting socks. Needless to say, I was captivated watching them knit and talk at the same time. I could watch them for hours. It sparked something in me.

The following year, I decided to sign up for a local knitting class. It was one-on-one type of class to get me started on the basics. The instructor was teaching me English knitting. I turned to her and said something with my hands does not feel right. Being a great instructor, she told to set the needles and yarn down on the table. Then she asked me to pick it up and do a knit stitch the way it feels comfortable. So I did exactly that and took off.

My instructor smile and said to me that you learned to knit as a child. Someone taught you Continental Knitting. This term is used to described when the yarn is being led by the left hand. It’s also referred to as German Knitting or European Knitting. I smiled back and vaguely remember learning it in 4H. I believe it was a German woman that taught me many, many years ago. Who knew!

The rest is history! I have been knitting every since and enjoy it. I find that it is very therapeutic and a great stress reliever. The best thing during these cold months working on a blanket (my favorite thing to make), it’s nice an cozy as you knit with it laying on your lap.

First Knitted Blanket
First Knitted Blanket

I encourage you to find something new to learn this year. I promise you won’t regret it!

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    1. Leslie,
      Thank you so much my friend. I have been kicking back this weekend working on another blanket. When I get tired of working on home projects, it’s a good way to unwind.


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