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Good morning, sweet friends! Welcome to Saturday Morning Coffee Talk. Hope you have your cup of coffee in hand (tea or Favorite beverage).

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Here on Saturdays, I talk about random things going on over at White Lilac Farmhouse or little something about myself.

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Today, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite painted furniture pieces in my home. I saved this vintage vanity several years ago. Someone had it stored in an old barn. It was so dirty and musky smelling when I purchased it for $60. I searched all of my photos and could not find the before picture. Sorry!

The first thing I did was give it a good cleaning. There was hair inside of the drawers and was pretty gross. The drawers all got a good vacuuming to get out the hair, dirt and dust.

Whenever cleaning old furniture, I use a mixture of warm water with some white vinegar. With a microfiber cloth, I will wash down the inside of the drawers first. Then I will give the outside of the furniture a good cleaning.

And, repeat! Seriously, some pieces will need a second washing. If it’s nice outside, I will clean it in my driveway and let the fresh air and sun soak into the furniture. That fresh air does wonders!


The vanity was painted with Annie Sloan Pure White Chalk Paint. Dark wax was carefully added into some of the scroll work to keep that aged look. With a fine grit sanding block, I distressed the vanity to keep that vintage look and feel. Look at the yummy chippy bun style legs. An added bonus to this vanity, the original caster wheels were in the drawers for the legs.


This vanity has so much character. By distressing the furniture in areas that would be commonly aged over time adds to vintage look. It still had all of the original hardware.

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This vanity has a curved center. Another feature that I feel in love with. Last night, I moved this vanity in front of my full length mirror. It was the perfect spot with all of the natural light coming into the room.

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This vanity stool, I purchased through Wayfair. The legs of it were a dark espresso. Annie Sloan chalk paint in the same color as the vanity made the piece look like it belonged to the vanity. I distressed the legs to give it some wear since the vanity is after all a vintage piece.

The stool slides perfectly into the curve area of the vanity and hides the full length mirror bottom.

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Now you can see why it is one of my favorite pieces in my home. The total project cost less than $125 to complete. It’s a piece that I will definitely not part with.

So sweet friends, do not be afraid of those yard sale finds. You can breathe new life into an old piece of furniture with lots of character.

Check out my post on what I did with a old architecture salvage from my hutch. It’s my post on DIY Wall Art for Photos. Keep your eyes open when going to yard sales today.

Hope you have an amazing Saturday friend!


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    1. Karen,
      Thank you for stopping over at the blog. Yes, sometimes you just need to put the sanding block down and walk away. Some pieces that I have painted, I do not distress. It all depends on the piece of furniture.

  1. I just love it! It’s beautiful! I’ve always wanted a vanity but have no room for one… You did a great job on the destressing and that chair is so darling! I love how you decorated around the mirror!

    1. Thank you, Mary Anne for you sweet comment. I was moving it around thinking of purchasing a mirror for it. I moved it over in front of the full length mirror and was “ok this works”. It saved me some money.

  2. What an amazing transformation. I am always excited to see what you are going to do next!
    Melba (@gardenchillmudra)

  3. I am in love with your style of furniture and you certainly gave it a fresh look. How wonderful to see this beautiful dresser still being loved after all the years. Delightful post!

    1. Thank you, Alda. It will never part from my home as long as I am on this earth. BTW, your wedding venue is gorgeous. I was in awe over the history of beauty of the venue at Magnolia Hill. Absolutely stunning!

  4. Such a pretty piece. Okd furniture finds are the best aren’t they?

    Once all the gross stuff is gone you fall in love all over again.


    1. Absolutely, Cindy! Once that baby was all cleaned up, I knew it was a perfect find. Now she sits in the room glowing from the sunlight from the window. It is a perfect place to apply makeup.

    1. Oh Emily, that means a lot from you. Especially since you are the vintage queen of shopping. The minute I saw it, it spoke to my heart.

    1. Thank you, Maria. This weekend, I am going to clean out the drawers and put my makeup in the top drawers. Start to use it as a vanity instead of storage. LOL

  5. Oh, friend! This is stunning! I love everything and every detail you curated with this. You have inspired me to use Chalk paint for a piece I have here. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Tammy, What a great find it waz even if it was all dirrty and yucky when your 1st came across it you definitely saw the beauty and potential that it had! You made it look like a Beauty Queen! The scrolling in just the whole design of it is so beautiful, and that adorable stool that you picked up from wayfair that woz a totally awesome addition! Well done my friend!

  7. I love this piece, Tammy! Putting it in front of a full length mirror is a brilliant idea …. I would never have thought of it. The little vanity stool is adorable and perfect now that you painted the legs. I admire your cleverness! xo

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