Saturday Morning Coffee Talk – Dealing With The Pandemic


Good morning, sweet friends! Today on Saturday Morning Coffee Talk – Dealing With The Pandemic, I talk about what got me through this year.

Hope you have your cup of coffee in hand (tea or Favorite beverage). Here on Saturday, I talk about random things going on over at White Lilac Farmhouse or little something about myself.

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What is on my heart this morning is how I managed during the pandemic. It’s been on my mind this week as I prepare to go to my second family gathering since before the pandemic hit. Thankful that my entire family has received the vaccine.

Like a lot of individuals, I had a very tough time coping and want to talk about what saved me during this tough year.

This pandemic has been so hard on families in so many ways. For me a “people person”, being isolated from family and friends was more than I could handle most days. I suffer from anxiety and asthma. I found myself constantly worrying. I was worrying about my parents (especially my mother), worrying about my children and grandchildren, worrying about my job, etc. Two months into the pandemic, I was crying all the time. It was totally out of character for me.

I am a very positive and optimistic person with a strong faith. However, I found myself going down this rabbit hole of worries for the unknown.

What did I do to help myself besides lots of prayers and throwing myself into work?

I am going to talk about two key things that helped me manage during this trying time.

when anxiety and depression are sneaking in

I found my anxiety peaking and the depression setting in. Immediately, I reached out to get professional help. Why? I recognized that it was something that not manageable on my own. Over the years, I have dealt with a child that suffers from terrible depression and recognized all of the warning signs.

My doctor had virtual appointments. It was perfect to virtual see him and chat with him online. My doctor put me on an antidepressant and it was fine. Although I am not one that likes to take medications, I recognize that it was necessary to help me during this rough time. Without it, I knew the depression would become to great to handle on my own. Friend, I say this with my heart. Do not ever be afraid to ask for professional help. It was my saving grace.

Seeking out the advice of a professional doctor was extremely beneficial. It was the best decision for me. My husband even joined the call and provide information. After all, he is my partner and has my best interest always in mind and in his heart.

The gift you give yourself

I got a puppy! Like so many people it was the perfect with being home full-time.

Piper French Bull Dog 1.jpg

Piper came into my life in May of 2020 and has brought me so much joy. The second best decision that we made (my husband and I) for my well being.

It was like I was a mother again and having a little baby to love and care for. When they talk about dogs being good therapy for patients, it is absolutely true. This little dog would lift my spirits in so many amazing ways.

Piper French Bull Dog 2.jpg

This tiny little fur ball not only would she lift my spirits, Piper also helped me to be positive. Yes, I did dress her in cute clothes for French Bulldogs.

For years, I had wanted a French Bulldog. She was my 30th anniversary gift. Exactly the perfect gift too!

We have always had Boston Terriers. We lost Baxter (our 13 year old Boston) a month before moving into White Lilac Farmhouse. They are such silly little clowns. Then enters in our French Bulldog that is just as silly with those big giant ears of her’s.

Piper Silly French Bull Dog.jpeg

Just look at this silly little dog. My husband was walking her and she apparently found a baby pacifier. Naturally she claimed it as her prize. I just about died laughing when Mr. G walked up with this dog sucking on a pacifier. The funniest thing was he had no clue she picked it up. This grown man walking a dog with a binky. LOL

So you can see that the silly antics of this Frenchie makes me laugh daily. Not only does she provide loads of love to me, Pipe is a wonderful companion to Chloe.

Boston Terriers 1.jpeg

Just look at this beautiful girl! Chloe will be 11 years young this in August. She is a Boston Terrier weighing in at 20 lbs. She is a sweet girl and very much my husband’s dog. He is her favorite.

French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers.jpg

Chloe and Piper are now best of friends. It is something how fur babies can bring you so much joy when the world is going crazy.

My family feels very blessed and fortunate that family members that came down from COVID recovered. The numbers in our area were low. And, that both my husband and I were able to work from our home during this pandemic. We still continue to support small business locally and online.

Forever grateful to be the Mama to these crazy little fur babies!

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Make it a great weekend, sweet friends,

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  1. Your dogs are so cute! It is amazing how our dogs change our lives and lift our spirits! Like you, I am a people person and so glad to have a huge portion of the pandemic behind us! 💛

    1. Me too, Kim. I am thankful we got to move into our new house before the pandemic hit and everything shut down. We feel very blessed.

  2. This was such a good read! Thank you for sharing yourself with us. So many of us were and are feeling the same. It’s so nice you added to your family a cute little piper. Our little fur babies mean so much to us. I’m too hopeful and praying the pandemic is behind us. Take care friend!!!

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