Serena & Lily Vase Dupe

I love a vase sold by Serena & Lily. However, the price tag did not fit my budget. I decided to make my own Serena & Lily Vase Dupe.

If you have been following me for awhile, you have seen me create knock offs from big name stores for a fraction of the cost. My urn filler projects have been a favorite of many. Did you see this year’s Beautiful Easy Spring DIY FAUX Urn Fillers? I also had this DIY Spring Urn Filler. You could not tell the tulips were not real unless you touched them.

Like many of my readers, I have a budget to follow for our household. I have found ways to have decorate my home on a budget. That includes DIY accessories for the home too.

Let me show you how to save money and get beautiful items for your home too. It requires a few items for this project. I will provide you with an easy step by step tutorial on how to make this DIY Serena & Lily Vase Dupe!

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Tutorial for Serena & Lily Vase Dupe

1. Tape Around The Vase

Poetto Vase Knock off

It is important to run your finger around the edge of the tape. Frog Tape will give you a nice crisp line with no bleed through if it is properly adhered to the glass.

2. Apply Slick Stick

Serena & Lily Poetto Vase Knock Off 2

Dixie Belle’s Slick Stick is a bonding agent that will help paint adhere to glass, metal and slick surfaces. You can even paint PVC, laminate and other slippery surfaces.

Serena & Lily Poetto Vase Knock Off

It is easiest to turn the glass canister upside down. Apply a generous coat of Slick Stick around the area that you want the paint to adhere to the surface.

This step is very important, you must let the Slick Stick dry at least 2-3 hours before applying the second coat.

3. Apply Second Coat of Slick Stick

Serena & Lily Poetto Vase Dupe 2

Apply the second and final coat of the Slick Stick. After the second coat you MUST ALLOW IT TO DRY FOR 24 HOURS before painting.

IF you rush this project, the paint will not properly adhere and will peel or crack.

4. First & Second Coat Of Paint

Serena & Lily Poetto Vase DIY Knock Off 3

For this project, Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint in the color Whitecap was used. This paint has a built-in primer, paint and top coat. It is also self leveling for a smooth surface.

Poetto Vase Dupe (3)

You will need to apply two coats of paint over the Slick Stick painted area. Allow the first coat to dry at least 2 hours before applying the final coat. After the second you, must allow it to dry for 24 hours before using it as a vase. You will need to allow the paint to cure.

Poetto Vase Dupe (1)

Look how beautiful the Serena & Lily Vase Dupe turned out! It was an easy DIY knock of vase project. The best part, it cost a faction of the Serena & Lily Vase!

The key is to let the Slick Stick dry for 24 hours before adding the paint. It must cure for 24 hours after the last coat of paint too. Rushing this project could cause your paint to peel or crack. Why it is important to allow the project to dry as directed.





Hope you enjoyed this cost saving home decor DIY project. For more ideas, please subscribe to my newsletter.

Hope you have a wonderful day, sweet friend!

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