Setting up a Hot Chocolate Bar is quick and easy Idea. It’s such a simple DIY project that you can do in a matter of minutes. The entire family will enjoy it not just during the holiday but through the winter months as well.

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Hot Chocolate Bar
Hot Chocolate Bar Idea

Setting Up A Hot Chocolate Bar Is Simple

A Hot Chocolate Bar or Station is so simple. Here I used some glass screw top jars that I used that you can find here. I purchased them a few years back and continue to use them each year. They are also inexpensive.

You could also make your own containers by using empty spaghetti sauce jars. Rinse and wash them thoroughly then spray paint the lids silver and tie a ribbon or twine around the mouth of the jar.

Hot Chocolate Bar Tray
Festive Tray for the Holidays and can easily be changed out.

add a tray

I love to add my containers on a tray like this red one. You could also use a galvanized tray. I tend to switch to the galvanized tray after Christmas. The tray helps with clean up to catch any Hot Cocoa Mix or cookie crumbs that spills as well as protecting your furniture. I will rinse or wipe the tray clean from any spills.

32oz Glass Jar and Metal Lid - Threshold™
No Hot Chocolate Bar would be complete without marshmallows!

don’t forget the marshmallows

Now the fun part comes by adding some of your family’s favorite items to add to their mug of Hot Chocolate.

Add your family favorite toppings and of course the Hot Chocolate Mix!

add toppings to your diy hot chocolate bar

The DIY Hot Chocolate Bar has been a family tradition in my family. I started it when my children were little and now there are four little grandchildren that love it. And, I have to admit that it is a favorite of mine during the winter months too.

I love adding their favorite toppings such as marshmallows, miniature candy canes, cookies to stir their hot chocolate. I also will add chocolate or holiday sprinkles. You can just sit the shakers right on the tray.

Festive Mugs
Festive Mugs

Add some festive mugs to your diy Hot Chocolate bar

These Santa Mugs are a hug hit in my family. They are over sized and perfect for a cup of Hot Chocolate. I bought these several years ago from Pottery Barn. They remind me of the old fashion one that I had growing up as a child. You can find some cute mugs to use like these “warm & cozy” mugs or one like these adorable Festive Gnome Shaped Ceramic Mugs that are on sale right now.

Festive Gnome Shaped Ceramic Mugs
How adorable are these to use on the Hot Chocolate Bar?
Red Jolly Santa Figural Mug

Another Cute option are these Red Jolly Santa Figural Mug. It’s on sale right now and very reasonable that will not break the bank.

Bronze Metal Mug Holder with Wooden Handle


A mug holder is a perfect way to display your mugs and is a space saver too. I love displaying my mugs on mug holders. I came across this holder and love the texture of metal and wood. This mug holder is available in bronze or white. Remember you can always spray paint your holder to any color to match your decor. The best part, this holder is reasonably priced.

Hope this gives you some fun ideas to either start a new family tradition or just create a Hot Chocolate Bar this holiday season!

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