Snowman Wood Sign for Christmas


Here is a fun DIY project. It’s a Snowman Wood Sign for Christmas and winter that is easy to make. Let me show you how.

A few of my neighbor friends and I got together for a wine and craft day. We knew it would end up into the evening. Dinner plans were made to include the husbands. The weather was perfect for soup. The menu was set for two kinds of soup, homemade bread and desserts. We all pitched in to create an amazing meal.

Needless to say, it was a delightful time with good friends and lots of laughter.


Let’s have some fun!

Step 1 Sand the edges of you board

Your board could have a few splitters. I recommend that you take a sanding block or sanding sponge around the sides of your board. The top and back will not need to be sanded.

step 2 draw your snowman

Do not stress over drawing your snow man. It is a combination of circles, rectangles and triangles. You can have a paper plate to trace out some circles. I drew my free hand. An eraser handy will help you to start again or flip it over to the back and try again.

Have fun with it!

Snowman Wood Sign for Christmas.jpg

Step 3 paint around the snowman

Select your Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint. For each of our snowman, we used only one coat of paint on the front. This paint dries fairly fast. You should be able to flip it over to paint the back within 20 minutes.

Snowman Wood Sign for Christmas 1

You can erase any mistakes or extra lines on your snowman.

Snowman Wood Sign for Christmas 2C
Kathleen Schlickbernd is using Dixie Belle’s Rustic Red as her background paint.

step 4 Paint the back of the board

Next you will use the same background paint to cover the back. You will only need one coat of paint.

Snowman Wood Sign for Christmas 3.jpg
Front left to right: April Marconi is using Dixie Belle’s Stormy Seas (gray blue); Theresa Shaw is using Dixie Belle’s Midnight Sky; and Kathleen Schlickbernd is using Dixie Belle’s Rustic Red.

step 5 distress

This step is optional. After background paint has dried on the front and back, you can give it a light distressing or leave it alone. You can sand any mistakes or touch up with your background paint.

Snowman Wood Sign for Christmas 2A

Step 6 Let’s paint a snowman

Let’s have fun and paint out snowman. We are using Dixie Belle’s White Cap for the snowman. You can paint it on or stipple it with your paint brush or sponge applicator for added texture.

Snowman Wood Sign for Christmas 4

April is fixing her snowman and touching up her background color.

Snowman Wood Sign for Christmas 4A

step 7 time to give him a hat

You can paint your hat in Dixie Belle’s Caviar or choose a completely different color. The fun part of this project is to see what each person does with their snowman. Put your own spin on the project!

Snowman Wood Sign for Christmas 5G.jpg
Snowman Wood Sign for Christmas 5H.jpg

Kathleen stippled her snowman to give the body a feathery effect. It looks amazing!

step 8 adding the eyes, nose and mouth

The eyes are two circles with black paint. A small flat artist brush works the best for the eyes. Some of the ladies placed 2″ button for the snowman eyes. It is your preference to paint or use buttons. You can use the Tacky Glue or the Hot Gun Gun to adhere the buttons.

For the nose use Folk Art Paint in Pure Orange. You will need about two to three coats of the orange on the nose.

His mouth was made by dipping the bottom of the pencil eraser into black paint. Then you will make a dot. Repeat until you have enough dots to form his mouth.

Snowman Wood Sign for Christmas Step 8..jpg

step 9 top coat

If you will be putting your DIY Snowman Board outside, you will need to put a top coat to seal your board from moisture. A clear-coat protective finish is extremely important or your project can become damaged from the weather, water and UV.

step 10 embellishments

Here is the fun part of making your snowman unique from the other snowmen in the neighborhood by adding embellishments.

First let’s add a festive scarf. I took a piece of fabric and cut it to the exact size of the rectangle on the snowman. To fray my edges, I torn the fabric before cutting it.

You can use the Tacky Glue or a Hot Glue Gun to adhere it to the board. I took a long strip of fabric and tied a knot. At the ends of the fabric, I cut fabric on each side to create fringes.

Snowman Wood Sign for Christmas Step 10A (2).jpg

April opted for a wired ribbon to use for her snowman scarf. It will give you more flexibility for the length. You can see it on the finished project below.

Add some buttons to his belly or you may paint them on.

Snowman Wood Sign for Christmas 10C.jpg

For the snowman’s hat, we cut Christmas floral picks to add greenery, berries, and bells. Hot Glue works the best for the bells, berries, greens and pinecones. You can keep it simple or go all out. I will add some tiny pinecones to mine later.

Finally, iridescent snowflakes were added with Tacky Glue. Note: Do not use a hot glue gun or the snowflakes will melt. Another option would be to splatter white paint for snow or make dots with a paint brush.

Snowman Wood Sign for Christmas 10D.jpg

the finished project

How cute are these snowmen! Just like a snowflake each snowmen is a unique design!

What an amazing time with great friends. I look forward to doing another craft project with them soon.

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Blessings to you, sweet friend!

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    1. Awe, thank you Rebecca. It was fun to see how each one came out different. They turned out cute! I need to make one for my mother who loves snowmen.

  1. Such a fun project Tammy! I bet your neighbors and friends love the party. I think the idea of bringing others together to craft is wonderful. I’ll be sharing this post in my round-up tomorrow!

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