6 Easy Ways To Make A Spare Bedroom Closet More Functional

There never seems to be enough storage in our homes. Here are 6 easy ways to make a spare bedroom closet more functional.

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6 Easy Ways To Make A Spare Bedroom Closet More Functional

Do you have a closet that looks like this?

This is real life!

6 Easy Ways To Make A Spare Bedroom Closet More Functional (17)

We are semi empty nesters. Yet we still have lots of stuff! Items our children left behind. An adult child moving back home for a few months leaving “stuff” behind.

I love to keep a clean and tidy home. However, sometimes things get out of control. Like this spare bedroom closet with extra blankets, grandchildren toys and dress up clothes too.

6 Easy Ways To Make A Spare Bedroom Closet More Functional

My goal in 2023 is to have a more functional home. That includes the bedroom closets in our home. I like things tidy and easily accessible. This closet in our home was out of control.

Here are some budget friendly solutions to make a spare bedroom closet more functional.

1. eliminate everything that does not belong

The first thing to do is remove everything from the closet. You should vacuum the carpet and wipe down the shelf, walls and baseboard. It is surprising how much dust will collect in a closet.

Begin making piles of what to keep; what to items will go to good will; and items for the trash.

2. add storage units or a dresser

Trying adding a thrift dresser to your closet for extra storage. You can find them for $25-$50 or less and repurpose it.

For the past couple of years, I have been using this storage unit available in several sizes and color. In my master closet, I have two eight drawer units. Perfect for storing clothes.

This one has four drawers. I was able to separate the grandchildren’s favorite throw blankets in one, dress up clothes in two along with a drawer for super hero caps and masks

The plastic storage unit was repurpose to hold their Legos. Piper kept me company as I sort through hundreds of tiny pieces of Legos.

3. use storage bins or baskets

You can use these inexpensive fabric cubes or a large basket to hold toys. The great thing about fabric cubes, you can pull them out for children to fish through to get their toys. It easy for them to move around in a room.

They also can fold up for easy storage. I use them around my home in linen closet for wash clothes, blood pressure cup, heating pad, and other miscellaneous items. They are also great in a home office and pantry.

4. change out bulky hangers

Wooden or plastic hangers can add extra bulk in the closet. There are wonderful slimline hangers that you can pick up at your local Target for a pack of 10 for $3. You can find them online as well.

You will be surprise how much space it will give you in a closet. I use them in my master bedroom. In this closet, I do not use it hold a lot of clothing. I have a few spring coats in here. However, I do use the slimmer hangers in out walk-in closets and downstairs coat closet.

5. make use of the top shelf

Containers can keep the top shelf of a closet tidy. Small shoe size plastic containers are perfect size for keepsakes. Large bins on the shelf can hold hats, winter scarfs. I have extra pillow covers and a few home décor items in mine.

6. use under the bed for storage

If storage is an issue in your home, try using under the bed storage. I found a pack of six storage bags at a reasonable price.

They are perfect for bulky items such as extra pillows or seasonal comforters and blankets.

great storage items

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    1. Yes, Lynn. The slim hangers are a must. I was surprised that there were still some plastic thicker ones in our home. Little by little they are all getting replaced. It really helps with space in the closets.

  1. What a fabulous transformation! Loved all your tips for storing items! I’m always on the lookout for great storage solutions! Your grandkids are going to love how you organized their toys! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Donna. I think they will enjoy their toys more now. I gave a way the baby toys. More age appropriate items and lots of Legos organized for them.

  2. I haven’t converted over to slim hangers, but you do make a compelling case! I totally agree with adding drawer storage to closets — such a good use of space!
    So glad you joined us on this hop and link up so regularly at the Fabulous Friday Link Parties.

    1. Thank you Diane! I was thrilled to be joining this amazing group of ladies. Yes, the slim hangers are the ticket. My master closet is so organized. Slim hangers were a game changer for me. Especially, in our downstairs coat closet.

  3. Great ideas!
    We are in a similar situation as you. All four of our kids are out of the house, but three are either still in college, or recent college grads and still living in small apartments. Therefore we still store a good amount of their stuff until they get larger, more permanent places.

    I need to organize it better! Thanks for the tips!


    1. And, Niky at some point they come back too after being on their own. One of my children is getting a box of their goodies the next time Mama visits. Let him figure out what to do with the stuff. LOL

  4. Tammy – I had to laugh at the before, I get it. Ok I just saw some slim hangers at Home Goods and I have never noticed them before. I have the big white plastic ones. That will be on my list. How sweet the bins for grandkids goodies, blankets and toys. You did a great job!

    1. Regina, I was keeping it real! We all have a cabinet or closet that looks like this one. LOL My poor grandson was trying to get to his Legos. I told him, Nana was going to make it closet look amazing. It’s the boys room when they come to stay and doubles as a guest room. I did not realize it was that out of control.

    1. Michelle, I am glad you liked it. These drawers and bins are perfect for hands to reach, pull out and place on the floor. My grandson loved it. He told me “Nana, I am going to keep my Legos nice”. LOL

  5. Tammy, your real life photo made me laugh so hard because it is very similar to what my guest room/ office closet looks like. crazy how out of control it can get. Your guest closet came out stunning! And all the space you have now is incredible. You have me pumped about getting around to mine now. Thanks-Meagan

    1. Meagan, I was keeping it real! People need to see the normal stuff. We don’t have perfect homes on the squares. All homes need some TLC time to time.

  6. Tammy, what a great closet transformation! I’m sure this is your grandchildren’s favorite closet in the house! Thanks for sharing such great tips. I have a few closets that could use some organizing!!

  7. The need to be organized and clutter free seems never ending. This closet not only looks better, you can see what you have when you need it. Please come help my better half with the garage? Please?

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