Succulents Drought Resistant Plants for Containers

If you have an outdoor space that gets full sun, try plants such as succulents and drought-resistant plants for containers.

Succulents are perfect for containers because they don’t require much water. You can plant them outdoors, and they grow quickly.

The drought-resistant succulents listed in this post will thrive even when there isn’t enough rain. They are easy to care for and they look great in any container.

Succulents are heat tolerant for dry seasons. They will thrive in full sun. Did you know that some of the varieties of succulents will bloom?

Succulents Drought ResistantPlants for Containers

When we round around late July and August in Maryland, the temperatures are in the high 90s to 100 degrees. I find many of the plants cannot always handle the intense sun and heat.

Thriving in the full sun of my back patio, my Hibiscus flourishes with its vibrant blooms. Interestingly, I’ve discovered that their bright colors create a delightful contrast when placed near containers filled with succulents

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Succulents Drought Resistant Plants for Containers

What Succulents to plant outdoors?

Drought Tolerant Succulents

Jade Plants

Drought Resistant Plants

You can grow Jade Plants both indoors and outside. Where should I put my jade plant outside? Jade Plants can grow in full sun and tolerate a little shade.

Did you know that a Jade Plant spreads by simply dropping its leaves on to the ground? They are great landscape plants in areas with a mild, dry climate year-round (Zones 10 & 11). However, if you live in a colder zone like me (zone 7), you will need to bring the succulent containers indoors for the winter.

Autumn Sedum Joy

Autumn Sedum Joy work is a beautiful succulent that thrives in flower gardens, landscapes, and containers. These easy-to-grow plants can store plenty of water in their succulent, fleshy leaves. Do not overwater it. It will cause the plant to rot.

It is easy to grow and produces beautiful pink flowers. Butterflies are drawn to this succulent and perfect in a Butterfly garden.

It is a herbaceous perennial that will grow back year after year. It thrives in zones 3 to 10 and requires at least 6 hours of full sun.

Graptoveria Succulents

Heat Tolerant Succulents

Graptoveria is a succulent plant that is a hybrid cross between Graptopetalum and Echeveria. This plant is popular for its low maintenance like most succulents.

They can be planted in well-drained areas outdoors to form a beautiful tropical landscape. Graptoveria does not need much care and is perfect for busy people. Be careful with watering this succulent. Too much water invites rot of the plant as well as insect pests.

Hens & Chicks

Hens & Chicks Succulents

Hens & Chicks, also known as Sempervivum, are low-growing evergreen succulents. Their rosettes resemble clusters of rubbery roses, adding a unique touch to your garden. Each rosette features a central ‘Hen’ plant that produces offshoots called ‘Chicks.’ Interestingly, the mature Hen eventually flowers and dies, leaving behind a colony of vibrant Chicks to continue its legacy.

These succulents are low to the ground and work best in shallow containers or rocks in a flower bed. You can easily tuck them into rock crevices and let them drape on a large rock.

Hens & Chicks are low maintenance. They spread with underground roots. Each succulent will multiply at least by four and produce little plants around the Hen. If a plant breaks off, you can tuck it into the ground and it will take off and grow.

Creeping Stonecrop

Hens & Chicks Succulents

This succulent must have sufficient sunlight. If there is not enough sunlight for a long time, the plant will be spindling and become brittle. The color will also fade slowly to a greenish yellow.

Too strong of sunlight in the summer could cause the leaves and stems to burn. This succulent works best in an area of your landscaping that gets sunlight and some shade.

Blue Echeveria

Blue Echeveria

Blue Echeveria works well outdoors. Like many succulents, it thrives in full sun and in drought conditions. It has a waterlily shape and a soft blue-green-colored appearance. The color varies from light green to blue-green.

The Blue Echeveria is a dream come true for beginner plant parents! This resilient succulent thrives with minimal care and shrugs off most pests and diseases.

A cluster of Blue Echeveria looks like a bridal bouquet. It blooms like a string of small bells.

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