Ten Cleaning Tips for the Laundry Room

It seems that the neglected room in our homes is the laundry room. It’s time to give the laundry room a good cleaning with these 10 tips.

It’s the one area of the home that we immediately shut the door so no one can see into. Am I right?

Do you remember the last time you cleaned your washer or the dryer? I mean really give it a good cleaning. Well I got you friend! Here are ten cleaning tips for the laundry Room.

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Ten Cleaning Tips for the Laundry Room

1. Vacuum the room including behind and between the appliances

The room will need a good vacuuming because with the dryer, dust accumulates in the space. Add an attachment to your vacuum cleaner hose to get to those hard to reach places.

You want to make sure socks or other small items have not fallen behind or under the appliances. Don’t forget in between the appliances where the dust bunnies love to hide. Also, vacuum around the baseboard where the dust tends to build up especially behind the washer and dryer.

2. Vacuum the dryer Lint Trap

This is so important. Did you know house fires are started by lint in the dryer or vent? Have you seen one of these gadgets before? It’s a game changer for me. It is perfect to remove the lint and dust inside of the dryer below the lint vent.

BoxLegend Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit

You will be absolutely amazed at how much lint it removes from the dryer. Some of the clumps were stuck to the tip of the hose and I hand removed. If I had this much in just the dryer, I can imagine how much is in my vent hose leading outside.

3. Wipe Down the exterior of your appliances

I found that dust will stick to the sides of the appliances especially if there are any laundry soap drips. I like to wipe the outside of my appliances with a good all-purpose cleaner. Not only does it smell wonderful, it gives the appliances a nice shine. My Favorite is Mrs. Meyers All-Purpose Cleaner in the lavender scent. It makes everything smell so clean.

Mrs Meyers All-Purpose Cleaner

My favorite cleaning cloth to use are these microfiber cloths. These Buff Micofiber Cleaning Cloths have been washed so many time. They are great to use for cleaning throughout the home and in your cars too. You can purchased them here. The Microfiber Cleaning Cloths come in various different colors.

Best Cleaning Cloth

4. Clean the INSIDE OF THE Washer

Now let’s move to the inside of the that washer. Here is a great tip to do every few months. In a utility bucket, mix 1 cup of warm water with 1 cup of white vinegar. With a clean lint free rag, wipe down the inside of the washer drum and a long the edge. You can use the same bucket of mixture wipe the inside of the dryer.

If you have rust color stain build from hard water from a well, try using Bar Keepers Friend to get rid of the stain build up in the trays.

Before the bleach tray and lid lock on the washer had lots dirt and debris. What a difference from cleaning it!

This is after cleaning with Bar Keepers Friend. An old toothbrush works great for cleaning all the crevices. You can use the water and white vinegar mixture to get out any extra residue.

Is that cleaner amazing or what? Bar Keepers Friend is one of my favorite cleaners to keep on hand.

Finally to finish up cleaning the washer, add two cups of white vinegar into the washer. Now run one full cycle in you washer with hot water.

5. Clean the INSIDE OF the Dryer

Using the same mixture as the washer wipe down the inside of the dryer. If you have an ink or other stains, you can try to remove them using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It will remove ink stains in your dryer without any issues.

6. Wash any Hamper Liners and Ironing Board Cover

Wash any liners to the hampers and the ironing board cover. There could be lurking germs from dirty clothes and towels. If your hamper does not have a liner, wipe down with all-purpose or anti-bacteria cleaner. You may have a large canvas hamper. Just vacuum it out clean. Any dirt marks can be clean with water and detergent mixture and allow to completely dry. I like to spray my hampers after they are cleaned with Lysol Disinfect Spray.

7. Clean the Laundry Baskets

Wipe down the laundry baskets with disinfectant wipe or cleaner. You want to keep your basket free from dirt and dust that could transfer to clean clothing or linens.

8. Wipe Down cabinets, shelves and counters

Now it’s time to give those cabinets, shelves and counters a good thorough cleaning. It’s also a good time to go through your cabinet to discard empty laundry detergent containers. You may be able to combine to make a fuller container.

Before Pods In Glass Jar

These 32 ounce jars are perfect to consolidate and put your detergent pods in. You can even put powder detergent or Oxi Clean in the jar. I found them here.

After - Pods in a Jar
AFTER – Detergent Pods Add Into A Glass Jar

Wipe down the surfaces with disinfectant wipe or all-purpose cleaner. The front of wood cabinets can be washed with Murphy Soap Oil and water. Follow the instructions on the bottle.


Our laundry room is located upstairs in the center of the house. Once a year, I will replace my dryer hose. However, to clean the vent I will need someone to professional clean it. There are services around that will clean it at a reasonable cost. It may prevent a house fire.

10. Mop The Floor

Final step is to mop and clean your floor. The lint tends to get on the floor. A good vacuuming helps to get up lint, dirt and pet hair.

My floors will get a good cleaning with my Shark Steam Mop. It’s perfect for my wood, tile and no wax floors. It is amazing and cleans without soaking the floors.

Usually during the month of January, I try to clean and organize the house. The laundry room along with the upstairs closets are the first projects on my list.

This tiny laundry room will get a make over hopefully in the near future. It will be wonderful to replace the wire shelf with some cabinets in this space.

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