Transforming Old Ceramic Trees For A New Look

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I have been recycling my Christmas decorations instead of getting rid of them. Do you have any ceramic trees?

Transforming old ceramic trees for a new look is easy to do. Giving your ceramic Christmas tree a makeover is a great way to breathe new life into an old favorite.

Black Ceramic Christmas Tree about to get a makeover with paint and texture.

The black color was on trend a couple years ago. Somehow a black tree reminds me of a burnt tree. LOL. I loved the style of the tree but thought it was time for a makeover.

By giving your ceramic Christmas tree a makeover is a great way to breathe new life into an old favorite. You can modernize its look, update its colors, or simply add a personal touch. There are many creative ways to transform your ceramic tree.

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Dixie Belle’s Slick Stick is a bonding agent that will help paint adhere to glass, ceramic, metal and slick surfaces. You can even paint PVC, laminate and other slippery surfaces.

This step is very important, you must let the Slick Stick dry at least 2-3 hours before applying the second coat.

Apply the second and final coat of the Slick Stick. After the second coat you MUST ALLOW IT TO DRY FOR 24 HOURS before painting. If you rush this project, the paint will not properly adhere and will peel or crack.

What I love about Terra Paint, it is more of an artist paint. It is used for layering colors or if you want to build layers and paint a design.

I kept it simple with using one color Wheat. It will coordinate perfectly with the Moonshine Metallic Glaze. Other colors that this paint looks great with a bright metallic color on top in Colonel Mustard and Burlap.

This paint dries very quickly. You should be able to paint the second coat within 30-45 minutes. It should be completely dry.

This part was my favorite of this project. It reminds me of the days as child playing with clay or making mud cakes.

You can create a chippy, textured and weathered look with Sea Spray, an all natural, texture additive. Mix one scoops of Sea Spray with 4 oz of the Dixie Belle Paint (two scoops for 8 oz).

You will need to thoroughly mix it into the paint (I am using a old butter knife). It should be the consistency of chucky peanut butter.

Stippling Sea Spray with paint to add texture to a craft project.

With your brush, you will dab the texture onto the surface of the tree. You can make peaks and layers.

Stippling Sea Spray with paint to add texture to a craft project.

I switched to a round brush. It was much easier to stipple with on the ceramic trees. You can add as little or as much as you like. If texture is not your thing, you can skip this step and paint the glaze.

Moonshine Metallic paint is a one step, rich and shiny metallic with beautiful pigments. Dixie Belle has various different colors to select from.

This step is completely optional. To the top, Mod Podge was painted with a small artist brush. Using some German Glitter Glue, I sprinkled it over the top the Mod Podge and allowed it to dry.

Transforming Old Ceramic Trees For A New Look  with paint , metallic glaze, glitter glass and seaspray texture added to the paint.

Isn’t amazing what some paint, texture, metallic glaze and glitter glass can do? These two ceramic trees have a new elegant look to them.

Bar cart decorated with gold ceramic trees, Belsnickel Santa, gold bell with blue velvet ribbon, and a large eight wick candle for Christmas decorations.

The project is Chibi approved too. She and Piper are always photo bombing. It’s unplanned and they pop right in there.

I love the outcome of this project. It adds a touch of elegance to the bar cart for the holidays.

Holiday Shop 2023 with background of a fir tree and gold ornaments.

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