5-Minute Magic: Breathe New Life into Your Coffee Table with Seasonal Touches - Tips & Tricks

Do you feel that your living room is stuck in a decor rut? Don’t underestimate the transformative power of your coffee table! This prime space in your home has the potential to become a stunning focal point.

What not to put on the coffee table is a good topic to cover. Here are some of the items that stylists will say to remove off the coffee table..

– Remote Controls - It's also an item that gets misplaced or if you have children, you are hunting for where they put it. Place them in a drawer in the coffee table or near the tv. A lidden basket or container is great to hide them away. – Mail - Find a place to organize your mail such as in a home office space. – Stacks of old newspaper or magazines – Everyday items such toys, car keys, makeup, laptop, earphone, glasses, etc. – Valuable items – potential risk of it getting broken. – A collection of dirt coffee mugs

What should be placed on the coffee table?

– Small plant – Vintage items – Favorite collectable (your treasure) – Vase with florals or greenery or branches – Stack of books – Tray – Candle or candle holder – Woven accents – Leather or metal box – Decorative accent such as glass or wooden bead strand; wooden or marble links; small orbits or decorative item. – Wooden or ceramic bowl with fruit (real or faux) or fillers – Cloche

There are some many different items that you can use to decorate you coffee table. The trick is to arrange the items with balance and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Try to stick to odd numbers. This is more pleasing to the eye and helps create a sense of balance. 1) stack of metal boxes count as 1 item; 2) resin artichoke as 2; and 3) the candle.

Rules of Three