White Lilac Farmhouse

Beautiful DIY Pumpkin Garland

Whether you are crafty or not, this project is fun and easy for you to create. It uses pumpkins, beads, rice paper and paint. This beautiful versatile garland features decoupage pumpkins of blue and white pumpkins, strung together on twine.

– Chalk Mineral Paint in Yankee Blue – Blue Glass Ornate – Rice Decoupage Paper – Satin Clear Coat (optional) – 10 unfinished wood pumpkins (Dollar Store) or link below – Modge Podge – Wooden Beads variety pack with different sizes – Twine – Scissor – Sanding block – Artist Paint Brush – Drill (optional if pumpkins have predrilled holes)


On one side of the pumpkin, paint it in the Chalk Mineral Paint. I am using the color Yankee Blue. This color coordinates perfectly with the Blue Glass Ornate – Rice Decoupage Paper. You will need to apply two coats to give the pumpkins a nice rich color.


First, cut your rice paper in to squares that are large enough to cover the pumpkin shape. Two sheets will cover 10 of the pumpkins.

02 Cut Rice Paper

Add a generous amount of Modge Podge covering the surface of the pumpkin. With your finger smooth out any air bubbles. If any of the edges are lifting, apply more Modge Podge. Allow the Modge Podge to completely dry.

03 Modge Podge

The Rice Decoupage Paper will be heavier in weight then using tissue paper. After the pumpkins have completely dried. You can use a pair of scissors to trim around the edges. You can also use a sanding block or sand paper around the edges.

04 Trim & Sand

After you have trimmed the sides, apply the Modge Podge all over the surface of the rice paper. Allow the pumpkin tops to completely dry.

05 Top Coat of Modge Podge

To me this is the fun part to add all of beads and pumpkins. I am using the beads raw. You can stain or paint them. You can use as many or as little beads in between your pumpkins. I like to use various sizes of the beads to add visual interest to the garland.

06 String Beads & Pumpkins

At each end of the garland tie the twine into a loop knot. Trim any extra twine.

To hang your garland, add some 3M Command Hooks. I put a command hook at each end of my mantel and one in the middle. The end loops were placed on the command hook. In the middle the twine from the garland is draped over the hook.

07 Hang the Pumpkin Garland

For more information and other quick tips, please check out my blog.