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Beautiful Patina Pumpkins from Old Vintage Jell-o Molds for Fall

Did you know that you can create beautiful patina pumpkins from old vintage Jell-o molds for fall? Affiliate links are used for your convenience at no additional cost to you. It helps to support my blog so that I can bring you more free tutorials. The Opinions are my own.

Paint the top and allow to dry. Then flip the pumpkin over to paint the other half.

Next, you will paint the surface of each pumpkin mold with Dixie Belle Patina Paint in Copper. The second coat is where the magic begins. You will need to work fast. The paint must be wet for the next step. 

The paint must be wet or your pumpkins will not patina. If the paint is starting to dry, mist with water. Spray Dixie Belle Patina Spray Green generously over the pumpkins. The patina could take up to 24 hours to appear. However, on these molds, it was instant.

Apply one coat of Dixie Belle Patina Guard to each of the pumpkins. Do this in a well ventilated room with gloves. Outside is the best!

Embellish you pumpkin with a twig as a stem and ribbon of choice. You can hot glue the stems.

For the full tutorial and supply list, please check out my blog.