What I love about pansies, they are their resilience in cooler weather. The beautiful  cheerful blooms come in a delightful array of colors, guaranteed to add a pop of personality to your porch.

The wonderful thing about this project, it is ideal for anyone. This project requires minimal gardening experience. So, grab your gloves and spade and let’s get creative.

- Keep your Pansies outdoors. They will grow better with sunlight and can within temperatures down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Any colder, then you can bring your containers indoors the night.


– Water your Pansies once or twice a day. Preferably early morning and evening. You want to ensure that the soil does not dry out. This will cause your flowers to dehydrate and die. – Remove “dead head” any spent flower by clipping them off. If you see a seed pod develop, you will want to remove that as well. – Fertilizing once a week with Miracle Grow will help your plant to produce more vibrant blooms. Try adding Miracle Grow to your watering can each week.


– 5-6 Pansies – Johnny Jump Ups (optional) – Miracle Grow Potting Soil Mixture – Wired Basket (10″ x 13″) – 1″ Cotton Ribbon – 2 Sheets Moss with adhesive backing – Bubble wrap pouch (13 1/2″ “x 18 1/2” or plastic grocery bags) – Spade – Gardening gloves (optional) – Scissors

Using a 1-inch piece of cotton ribbon and begin to weave it through the wired basket. I am using a free piece of ribbon that came wrapped around a quilt.

Add A Ribbon

A bubble wrap pouch (small bubbles) will be perfect to use to line the basket. With scissors cut one of the sides and the bottom of the pouch.  I laid it across the basket to double check that the size was correct.

Creating The Basket Filler

Now carefully remove the backing of the first sheet of moss. The second sheet you will cut it to fit the remainder of the length bubble wrap.

Carefully flip the sheet of moss over and press it too the bubble wrap. I say carefully, because I had an issue where one part flipped and stuck to the adhesive. If this does happen, you can patch with another piece. Add the second sheet that was cut to size. Overlap it a little and press the seams down.

Next lay the moss liner that is backed to the bubble wrap inside the wired basket. There will be a gap to one side. That will be perfectly fine. We will fix it.

You are going to trim the overhang from the back. It will give you a piece of moss liner to fix that side gap. Lay it cross ways in the basket and pull the piece up to meet the other sides. Trim any sections that poke up higher than your sides with scissors.

Fill the potting soil almost to the top leaving about 1/2 inch from the moss liner.  Remember you will be adding more soil around the plants.

Add Potting Soil

With your spade move the dirt aside to create a small hole to place the plant. Top off with more potting soil around your plant. Smooth dirt around your plant with the spade. Repeat until you have all of the flowers planted in your moss filled basket.

Add The Plants