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Easy & Creative Ways To Decorate A Glass Cloche For Fall

What is a cloche?  It is a dome or bell shape cover. Decorative cloches for use in the home are normally glass or metal.

Did you know that cloches were originally used to protect plants outside from cold temperatures. The bell shape dome would be placed over an individual plant for protection.

What do you put under a cloche? A grouping or combination of items to make a beautiful display. You can feature a favorite collection. See the blog post for a full list of recommendations.

Add a collection of vintage items. Here green Spanish Moss is used as a filler. It is topped with vintage wooden spools and a grapevine pumpkin.

Add the glass dome and you have an interesting fall vignette.

A cheeseboard was used to create a base for this glass dome. A vase with seasonal faux foliage, books and a patina pumpkin creates this look. Dried Cauliflower Root is sprinkled around the cloche.

Do I need a base for my cloche? No, you do not need to use a base. However, some cloches do come with a glass, wooden or metal base.  I love the look of a large over sized glass dome over items on a wooden table. Add a small wreath underneath with a faux pumpkin on top.

For more information and other quick tips, please check out my blog.