I have been doing this for years in my home. About mid-February, I begin to long for the spring season. I love it when you look outside, and everything begins to turn green. Maybe it is why I love shades of green so much.

Forcing bulbs to bloom indoors is my way of chasing the winter blues away. What better way than to replace winter blues with beautiful flowers? It always brings a smile to my face.

It is very important to start by selecting firm, healthy bulbs. You do not want unhealthy bulbs that may rot or are diseased to spread to other bulbs.


Below are some of of the flowers that you can force bulbs to bloom: – Amaryllis  – Paperwhites  – Crocuses  – Daffodils  – Grape Hyacinths – Hyacinths  – Tulips


Bulbs that require chilling time: – Crocuses – 8-10 weeks of chilling at 35-40°F (1-4°C). – Daffodils – 12-16 weeks of chilling at 35-40°F (1-4°C). – Grape Hyacinths – 8-10 weeks of chilling at 35-40°F (1-4°C). – Hyacinths – 10-12 weeks of chilling at 40-45°F (4-7°C). – Tulips – 12-16 weeks of chilling at 35-40°F (1-4°C).

So, what does this mean “chilling time or pre-chilling”?  This process is to place them in a cold place, between 35- and 45-degrees F. (2-7 C.) for 10 to 12 weeks (see chart above for specific flower bulb). It is where you place your bulbs in a brown paper bag with some soil. Then you place it some place cool like an unheated garage or shed. Some people will even use their refrigerator vegetable drawer.

Begin by placing some small gravel at the bottom of your pot or dish to help with drainage.


Add light well-draining potting mix (you buy it in a bag). Use a good quality potting mix such as Miracle Grow.

Plant your bulbs leaving the top 1/3 exposed. The pointy tops of the bulbs should be out of the soil.

Depending on the size of your vessel is how many bulbs to plant. In a larger vessel such as this concrete planter that has a circumference of 11″, you can place 5-7 bulbs.

You can dress up the top and around the bulbs with Spanish Moss in a color or use the natural color. Moss also looks beautiful covering the potting soil.

Don't have any pre-chilled bulbs? No worries. Did you know you can buy pre-chilled bulbs right off Amazon.com.

Pre-chilled Bulbs