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A Lipstick Plant is a striking houseplant that blooms with bright red tubular flowers. It's unique blooms resembles women's lipstick.

How do you take care of a Lipstick Plant? As an indoor house plant, you will need to find a spot for the plant to get bright indirect sunlight.

This plant prefers the soil to be constantly damp. It should be slightly damp to the touch. However, it is important not to overwater your plant.

You should repot your plant  every two to three years. February and March are good months for repotting after the plant finishing blooming.

BLOOMING If your Lipstick Plant is not blooming, it may not be getting enough light. Try moving it to a brighter spot.

These plants love warm temperatures, bright indirect sunlight, high humidity, consistent water, and regular fertilization to achieve blooms.

How often does a Lipstick Plant bloom? If the plant finds it's ideal environment, the plant will flower continuously.

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