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How To Create A Fairy Garden

When creating a fairy garden, you have a few options such as Container Fairy Garden, Woodland Fairy Garden or a Fairy Garden in a non-traditional space. A little fairy garden can be created indoors or outside. Traditionally, they are created outdoors for the magical mystical fairies to live.

What is a Fairy Garden?

Basically, a fairy garden is a small miniature garden with living plants or flowers featuring a small door, tiny houses, miniature furniture and accessories to lure the mystical woodland creatures to live in the created dwelling. It is something magically for fun stories for  little children.

Here a container with plants and couple resin fairies and cute welcome sign. Try using succulents. They are low maintenance and requires very little water. Add couple houses and some furniture and accessories to make it fun.


A popular and favorite type of fairy garden is a woodland fairy garden. These fairy gardens are very low maintenance. You incorporate your miniatures in a garden or woodland area near your home.

Woodland Fairy Garden

You make pathways and add fun little embellishments for the fairies like benches or little houses, birdhouse, mushrooms, etc. Let you imagination run wild. My grandchildren love to make these gardens.

So what is a fairy garden in a non-traditional location? Well, it is a space that you don’t know what to do with so you create a fairy garden such as in a window well. Faux grass is cut and placed in the window cell. Then add your favorite fairy items.


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