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How To Create Beautiful Small Container Gardens

Love outdoor plants and need something smaller to manage?  Here is how to create beautiful small container gardens for your outside space.

Select A Large Container


Start by cleaning the inside of your planter thoroughly with plain warm water and a microfiber cloth. Never use soap or bleach on a container that is unglazed.  Also, select a container with drainage hole(s) at the bottom.

Use A Good Potting Soil Mixture


Miracle Grow Potting mix works well in container gardens. Using a spade, you can make holes in the potting soil.

Succulents are perfect for small container gardens. They look beautiful on porches, patios and even in flower beds.

03       Add Plants

04   Do Succulents Like the Sun?

They love exposure to the sun. Most varieties of Succulents need at least 4-6 hours of daily indirect sunlight each day.

After planting, it is time to give the plants a good soak of water. The potting soil is very dry and will require an ample amount of water in the beginning. Water the soil when it becomes dry.

05  Give It A Good Watering

06  Makes Great Gifts

Small container gardens make wonderful gifts for a bridal shower, a new home, friend’s birthday, or Mother’s Day.

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