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How To Dry Hydrangeas

How easy is it to dry hydrangeas? It is very easy! You can use the dried blooms in the fall and winter decorating.

01 Cut Your Flowers

You can cut your stems 6-12 inches or height of your vase.

02 Wash Your Blooms

It is a good idea to give our blooms a good rinse to remove any tiny little bugs and small spiders that love to hide in the blooms.  

The first day or two, I have the vase half way filled with water. On Day three, empty the water and add 2 inches of fresh water. Let it slowly evaporate.

03 Let Water Evaporate

04 Use In Home Décor

You can display your dried hydrangeas in various ways. I love them in a vase.

You use dried hydrangea blooms in hanging or market baskets, vases, wreathes, etc.

05  Ways To Use Dried Hydrangeas

06  Enjoy The Dried Blooms

You will get some much enjoyment in the fall and winter with the dried blooms.

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