White Lilac Farmhouse

How To Install An Automatic Drip Irrigation System

SUPPLIES: – 2 -SoakerPRO™ 50 ft. Rubber Drip Irrigation Soaker Hose – Adjustable Dripper w/Coupler (1 package of 5) – Skinny Vinyl Black Hose (use to connect to the dripper and coupler) – Automatic Outdoor Timer (made by Orbit) – Irrigation Fittings (connectors) – Two-Way Tee Adapter for the faucet (so that you can attach two hoses) – Black Electric Tape – Large Cutting Tool There are kits available with many of the items listed above.

A two-way tee adapter was attached to the faucet. It allows us to connect another hose to use for washing the car or other tasks around the house.

STEP 1 Installing A Automatic Timer For The Irrigation System

STEP 2 Laying Out The Rubber Drip Irrigation Soaker Hose

 We  laid the soaker hose in rows near the plants.

Here you will need to gently poke the the coupler into the soaker hose. I gently turned it side to side to work it into the house.

STEP 3 Attaching Drip Lines To Any Pots

Once the coupler is in the soaker hose,  use black electrical tape to secure it to the hose and avoid any small leaks.

Next, we used the skinny black hose to cut to the length needed for reaching the pot.

Now install the adjustable dripper to the end of the hose. It pushes easily into the top of the skinny hose. You can turn it to adjust the amount of the drip flow to your pot.

We ran the hose up the side of the pot. You want to put it to the side or back where it is not visible to the front.

The end of the hose may look similar to the one shown above. You can connect another hose to it or cap it off. For information on extending it refer to the blog post.

STEP 4 Capping The End Of The Hose

To cap off the hose, screw the end cap tight into the end of the hose. The finish look should resemble this photo.

The final step would be to put some mulch over the hose. Sometimes you will need to dig a row (not deep) for the hose to lay flat. Then lightly cover with mulch to hide the exposed hose in the above photo.

STEP 5 Covering The Hose

For more information and other quick tips, please check out my blog.