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How To Use A Metal Flower Frog

What is a flower frog? A flower frog is a florist tool used to sit in dish or vessel filled with water. It is used in floral arranging. The Flower Frog frog helps you keep the stems of the flowers secure as you do a flower arrange in a dish or vessel. It helps to anchor the floral arrangement.

A flower frog comes in varies forms from metal cages, metal with pins, glass and plastic with holes around the circle, etc. You can find vintage to brand new ones.

What does a flower frog look like?

Where can I find a  flower frog?

You can find them at thrift stores, vintage markets, antique stores, yard or a garage sales as well as estate auctions. New and old flower frogs can be found online shops.

First, add some water. Next, select your anchor flower. This flower should be tall. Next, add in some green leaves. Here I used two leaves pulled from a Geranium Plant in my garden.

How do I use one?

Begin to layer your flowers. You can stack two in various heights.

Add plants for visual interest such as this small decorative cabbage and berries with greenery. When you use the Flower Frog Pin Cup Holder, you only need a few flowers and some greens for your design.

It is perfect for small spaces but packs a lot of punch. You can make one in less than 10 minutes.

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