Christmas is a time for my family is all about revisiting the traditions and memories that have shaped our holidays over the years. Embracing vintage charm for a timeless Christmas involved using vintage elements into your holiday décor.

For me, it is about creating a magical and cozy space that is a heartwarming Christmas.

Here are some ideas for embracing vintage charm for a timeless Christmas.

One of my favorite ways to decorate my home for any season is mixing the old with the new. There is something about it that gives you the creativity to design in your own way.

Mixing The Old With The New

You can set a festive table  by using vintage dishes mixed with your everyday white  pottery,  glassware,  and silverware for your Christmas dinner.

One of the easiest ways to add vintage charm to your holiday decor is to use vintage ornaments on your Christmas tree. You can find vintage ornaments at flea markets, antique stores, and online.  Look for ornaments made of glass, wood, or metal. Do not be afraid of using a combination of vintage and new ornaments on the tree.

Let’s Not Forget About The Tree

Use velvet ribbon for a vintage look. A simple knot tie or bow on a branch for a simple yet elegant touch. This ribbon is antique blue and is 3/8 inches wide. The other ribbon that you may see in photos is 2 inch wide. Look for vintage lights or clip on candles.

A garland can be made by stringing cranberries and/or popcorns using a strong thread and tapestry needle. It will begin to dry and keep from now and until Christmas. You can also create beautiful garlands with wooden or color beads and jute twine.

Make Your Garland & Ornaments

Dried oranges, cinnamon stick bundles tied with baker’s twine and handmade cinnamon applesauce ornaments adorn this sweet tree.