White Lilac Farmhouse

You will want to add the stain on with a lint free rag or stain applicator. Add the stain to the wood leaves on the front and back. With a clean lint free rag, wipe off the leaves.

1. Add some bead into the container with paint. Push the lid firmly over the container. 2. Now shake the beads in the container. 

Dump the beads onto a paper plate. Shake the paper plate while using the heat gun to help dry them fast.

1. Paint the gilding adhesive only on the area where you want the gold leaf. 2. It will be tacky to the touch went dried.

1. Work over a paper plate to capture the gold pieces from the sheet. Lay the a gold sheet over the stained wood leaf. 2. With your finger or a flat paint brush (dried) and rub over the gold leafing. Brush away the gold that does not adhere.

1. Follow the direction on the container for mixing the varnish. You will need to add 10% water to the mixture . 2. The varnish is going to keep the gold leafing on the leaf. Paint the varnish over the entire surface and let dry. It will dry very quickly.

Be generous with your twine to make sure that you have plenty. You may want to measure your mantel or area where you will be using the garland.

On all of your leaves, add a loop that is knotted at the end.

At one end make a loop knot to hang your garland. Add your beads five small white beads and four larger natural beads. Add a leaf. Repeat with your beads. Continue until you have the amount of length you desire for the garland. At the end, you should make another loop and knot. Cut your Twine.

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