Mesh and Ribbon Christmas Wreath: A Stunning Holiday Decoration


– 6 – spools of ribbon 2.5 x 10 yards (three different kinds) – 3 – spools of white deco mesh – 12″ wired wreath frame – Medium length zip ties or pipe cleaners (white or color to match your ribbon) – 6 decorative small ball shaped ornaments – Scissors – Small wire cutters – Ruler or measuring mat

For this wreath, you are going to need three different design ribbons. I am using 2.5 inches x 10 yards of ribbon. Two spools of each design. Cut the ribbons into 14 inches lengths. You will need 32 strips of each design. Cut the deco mesh into 18-20 inches lengths. It tends to curl up. You can stack in a pile until ready to use. Cut 64 strips of deco mesh.

On ribbon ends, you easily create a dovetail by folding the ribbon in half lengthwise. Then, cut from the fold at a right angle (on the diagonal) towards the corner. When you unfold it you will have the perfect dovetail.

Lay the mesh out in a criss-cross and layer the ribbon the same way over the mesh.

With your hand, gather up the ribbon and mesh at the center.

Wrap a zip tie (or pipe cleaner) around the center and secure it to the middle two bars on the wreath frame. Cut the zip tie with wire cutters.

You will repeat this for 16 times.  With your remaining ribbon and deco mesh, you will repeat but only work in at the top and bottom to fill in gaps. You a trying to get it nice and full.

You should have 16 in the center around the wreath frame. Then 8 on the top of the wreath frame and 8 on the bottom of the wreath frame.

After you have created your wreath, go back with your fingers and turn any deco mesh ends under. It should curl under for a finished look. Fluffy and squish the ribbons into place as necessary.