White Lilac Farmhouse

Outdoor Fall Tablescape

An outdoor fall table setting is the perfect time to welcome in Autumn. During the fall months eating outdoors, the bugs become less of a problem outside and makes the dining experience more enjoyable.

Add a beautiful plaid throw a cross a table. Gather items like a large basket, mums, gourds, and small pumpkins.

Create ambience with candles. Add seasonal fruits such as apples to your table for pops of color. You can carve the center of  apples to create votives and insert a tea light.

Design a centerpiece for your outdoor fall tablescape using a pumpkin or cabbage as a vessel. Brick Foam Block that can hold water was cut down to fit inside of the pumpkin. Add enough water over the Brick Foam Block until it darkens.

Use your choice of fresh greenery and flowers for your centerpiece.

A beautiful fall centerpiece using a pumpkin as the vase with eucalyptus and sunflowers. A few twigs from outdoors adorns the floral arrangement

Finish your table with lovely pottery, glasses, silverware and napkins.  You can add votive candles to the table too.

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