White Lilac Farmhouse


Create a vignette by using a tray, cutting board or riser. Style your vignette using odd amount of items such a 3, 5 or 7. You can use a tray or cutting board as the base. This does not count as an item. It is what we put in it needs to in odd numbers.

What is the rule of odd numbers in Interior Design?


 By arranging decorative items in odd numbers, it is more appealing and effective to capture your attention. The items in odd numbers tends to make your eyes move around the grouping.

02  Use Items In Various Heights

Place your tall piece first. Here I am using a navy blue vase with faux tulips. The vase with the tulips count as one object.


The rabbit is shorter than the vase of tulips yet taller than the candle.

What is a Vignette?

It is a small group of decorative items (your favorite treasures) that make a beautiful statement in a room.

Creating these types of vignettes are fun and easy to change out.