Welcome Guests With A Beautiful Spring Flower Basket For Your Door

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When spring rounds around it is time for fresh starts, beautiful vibrant colors to create warmth to welcome friends and family to your home.

Easter Spring Basket Project for the front door.

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Let’s forget about the ordinary wreath and embrace either one that is unique or something that is different such as a basket full of lovely colors of spring. You can make your door the envy of the neighborhood.

Are you ready to unleash some creativity? I got you, my friend!

Let’s transform that front doorway into a show-stopping spring or Easter spectacle that celebrates the beauty of the season.

Handcrafted Society Spring Door Projects

I am honored to be a part of the Handcrafted Society. Follow along each month as we share with you our inspirational projects that you can create for your home. This month our focus is Easter-Spring Door Décor.

What I love about the Handcrafted Society is seeing the passion and creativity. We are all creating using either the same medium or around the same theme. It is so inspirational to see the interpretations and the projects that have been created for our homes.

You can see all of the projects at the end of this post. There are images and links that lead you to the project of each blogger. You are bound to find inspiration to create something to reflect your personality and style for the door.

  • Large over size wall basket
  • 4-6 Floral Foam Bricks (not the Styrofoam ones)
  • 2-inch wired ribbon of choice
  • Floral wire (for bow)
  • Nest with eggs (found at Hobby Lobby)
  • 6 stems of faux lavender
  • 2 bunches of faux white Hyacinths
  • 5-6 stems of background flower of choice (blue)
  • Two bunches of greenery for front filler
  • 4 faux purple crocuses
  • 4 faux white crocuses
  • 9 faux yellow tulips
  • Wire cutters

You can use just about any faux flowers. I am repurposing flowers from an arrangement. Use what you have on hand first.

Reusing floral brick foam in a spring basket arrangement.

You can see that I am reusing floral foam (not the Styrofoam kind). The floral foam can be used in fresh floral arrangements and water can be added. Styrofoam is sometimes too hard to put faux flowers into. Plus, I am saving money but reusing floral foam that had some use left.

You are going to cut your bricks to fit inside the basket tightly. Score the bricks with a knife (butter knife works great) and snap to break a part.

Faux lavender stems used for the background of a Spring basket door arrangement.

The background will be tall faux lavender stems. You may need to cut them down. I trimmed about 1 inch off each one with wire cutters.

Faux white Hyacinths  are use anchors flowers in a Spring Easter Flower Wall Basket.

These faux white Hyacinths bundles are perfect to anchor the center space of the arrangement. Each bundle has six flowers. I did not bother to cut them apart. Simply push the bunch into the floral foam.

To me the fun part is adding the filler flowers. It is when the arrangement starts to fill up with pops of colors for spring.

The blue flowers are tucked towards the back. It varies the height of the between the anchor flowers and the background flower. Plus, it adds more texture and color.

In the front, two bunches of greenery were added. The space to the right will be filled with a large nest in step 5.

Begin to fill in any gaps towards the front with the purple and white crocuses. Trim any of the flowers as necessary to fit them into your arrangement.

This oversized nest with colorful eggs is perfect for Easter and spring. You can use a piece of stem from a flower to wire it to the nest. Push it down into the foam brick in the wall basket.

I placed the nest to the right of the arrangement.

Yellow tulips, white hyacinths, white and purple crocuses, greenery, blue flowers and lavender stems for a gorgeous Spring Basket for the front door.

To make this spring basket really pop, real touch faux yellow tulips were added. The yellow with the whites, blues and purples screams hello spring!

Yellow tulips, white hyacinths, white and purple crocuses, greenery, blue flowers and lavender stems with an over sized nest with colorful eggs for a gorgeous Easter Spring Basket for the front door.

A beautiful green, blue, navy, and white wire ribbon completes the project. The bow is tied higher to the top of the basket with a piece of floral wire.

Spring Basket filled with flowers, Home Sign with Easter egg, Welcome Mat, lantern and resin French Bulldog for a spring front porch.

It is easy to bring the joy of spring to your doorstep with this simple DIY spring basket filled with your favorite flowers and greenery. Enjoy the beauty of spring throughout the season.

Yellow tulips, white hyacinths, white and purple crocuses, greenery, blue flowers and lavender stems with an over sized nest with colorful eggs for a gorgeous Easter Spring Basket for the front door.

Welcome the vibrant colors of spring on your front porch. For a touch of personalization, consider crafting your spring basket with your favorite flowers.

It is easy to dress up your entry and welcome guests with a beautiful spring flower basket for your front door. Hope this spring project has inspired you to make something for your door.

Hope you enjoyed all the different inspirations for creating a show-stopping front door to welcome friends and family.

Have fun creating, sweet friend!

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  1. Oh Tammy, I am sooo glad you were able to join us this month! Your basket is gorgeous and I so appreciate the details of how you put it all together!!!

  2. Your door basket is beautiful, Tammy! I love purple and yellow together and your flowers “pop” so beautifully in the arrangement. Love all of the details! Pinned!

  3. What a gorgeous way to dress up your front door, Tammy. I love all the bright colors you used and the flowers you chose too. They’re beautiful! Hugs, CoCo

  4. Hi Tammy! Your wreath is gorgeous! Nothing says spring like hyacinths, tulips, and crocuses! I love the color combinations you used and the interesting shape of your basket! Pinning now!

    1. Yes, I am soon ready for spring. So glad you like the basket arrangement. The ribbon colors spoke to me with the blues and green.

  5. Tammy, your basket is so beautiful. I do not think I have ever seen one that shape. The way you layered the flowers is perfect, it sure looks stunning on your front door.

    1. Thank you, Wendy. It’s a large wall basket. This basket is so pretty and great to work with. I forgot where I purchased the basket.

  6. What a gorgeous spring basket, Tammy! I love the colors you chose— some of my favorites for spring! Your beautiful ribbon provides the perfect finishing touch!

  7. Your door basket is perfect for Spring with all the different florals, the bird’s nest, and the colorful bow. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

  8. Tammy – I love the shape of your basket! It is so unusual and I love how it looks filled with flowers. Also, I agree that styrofoam can be too hard to use when you are inserting floral picks. Green floral foam is so much easier :). Your spring flower basket is beautiful! Wishing you a lovely weekend.

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