Wood Bead Fall Wreath

Do you need a new fall wreath? Looking for something different? How about a wood bead fall wreath? Let me show you how easy it is to make one.

Wood Bead Wreath.jpg

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How to make a wood bead wreath



Creating the wood bead wreath

Step 1

RYOBI Glue Gun
My new favorite tool, this cordless RYOBI Hot Glue Gun.

First thing after laying out your supplies will be to turn on the hot glue gun and fill it with a glue stick.

Step 2

Perfect Greenery for Wreathes.jpeg
Greenery for Wreath 2.jpeg

With wire cutter cut the a piece of garland to the length necessary for the bottom half of the 16″ wreath ring.

Hot Glue the Greenery.jpeg

It is best to work in small sections so that the hot glue does not cool on you.

Carefully, I pressed the greenery into the glue. Please be careful not to burnt your finger on the hot glue. A pencil works good to to press the greens into the hot glue.

Wreath Greenery.jpeg

Here is a side view of the greens on the wreath ring.

Step 3

Fall Florals for Wreaths.jpeg

For this project, I went with subtle fall colors with some pop of orange.

Cutting Faux Flowers for Wreath.jpeg

I cut the flowers and berries for this project with wire cutters and set them aside.

Step 4

Designing A Faux Floral Wreath 1.jpeg

To begin, it helps to lay out the flower before gluing them.

Designing A Faux Floral Wreath 2.jpeg

Here is the first look, I could glue them down and leave it as is and add some twine to the top to hang.

The next look, I removed the smaller dark orange mums. With my hot glue hot, I glued everything in place.

I like to hang it on a wall to see if any areas are too empty. See that space to the bottom left, it needs a leaf or two to fill in that gap.

You can add some extra leaves in places were you see any empty spots.

Step 5

Wood Bead and Flower Wreath - Adding Wooden Beads 2.jpeg

The fun part of the project is adding some large wood beads. Note that these beads, you can leave as is or add so stain or paint to them. You will need approximately 18 40MM wood beads. My pack of beads came with 30.

Wooden Bead and Flower Wreath - Adding Wooden Beads 3.jpeg

Begin on one side and add a drop of hot glue to the wreath ring close to green garland. The holes of the beads should all face the side.

Wood Bead and Flower Wreath - Adding Wooden Beads 4.jpeg

With the beads, you will continue all the way around to touch under the edge of the garland on the opposite side of the wreath ring.

Final Project

If you plan to hang your wreath, you can tie jute twine at the top.

Wood Bead and Flower Wreath 2.jpeg

My wreath was placed leaning on the mirror on the fireplace mantel.

Wood Bead Wreath 1.jpeg

How lovely does this wood bead wreath looks on the mantel against the mirror. This wreath could work in just about any room.

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  1. Wow. Love it and looks beautiful. Thanks for the easy directions and links to where to get the needed supplies. Amazing job.

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