You’ve Been Booed With Free Printables

Today, I want to share with you how you can make this You’ve Been Booed with free printables to share in your neighborhood.

Do you know what this neighborhood tradition is about? It is a game for the whole neighborhood to play. Families will create a basket of special treats and gift items with a Halloween theme. The gift basket placed on someone in the neighborhood’s front porch anonymous.

When your family is booed you need to keep the game going by booing another family or two leaving a gift basket of goodies on their front porch. The fun part is you have to deliver it without anyone seeing you.

It is really fun to try to come up with ideas for the basket.

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It this pumpkin basket I have a cookie theme. I have Halloween cookie cutters, editable markers for sugar cookies, two Halloween aprons, candy and Pop Its.

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After you get your basket or container filled with all the treats, add your two printables into the basket. I have created cute free printables here.

Second Option

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In this second option, I have cute Halloween Mugs for Hot Chocolate filled with candy. Halloween Cookie Cutters and some Pop Its finishes off the basket. You can add some hot cocoa into the basket too with a bag of marshmallows. The Ghost Stoneware Mugs are available in single or set found here or the e Boo Stoneware Mugs are found here.

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Add the two printables into the basket and it is ready to be delivered to your neighbor. Now it is time to get a little sneaky! It is suppose to be a surprise.

Most of our neighbors dress up in a Halloween Costume. We all have security systems. You ring the door bell do a little dance on the front porch (optional) and take off running. I like to incorporate the help from fast little neighborhood children or my son. Last year, my son Tyler did a somersault off someone’s porch and it was caught on the security camera. It was so funny to watch later when my neighbor posted it to thank whoever BOO-ed them.

You make it fun!

Free Printables

You can print your free printables here. You place the two signs in the Boo Baskets that you have made to give to a neighbor. The first sign has the rules to follow to play the game and to keep it going.

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  • Family Movie Night Theme with popcorn, candy and snack.
  • Family Game Night – Snacks and a fun game for the whole family.
  • Adults with no children – a bottle of wine, decorative pumpkin, Halloween decor item, bag of coffee, tea towels, candy and snacks
  • Children’s basket – Halloween cups, drinking straws, coloring books and crayons, side walk chalk, Pop Its, small toys, candy and snacks, drinking straws and Halloween story books.

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Hope you have fun and give this a try in your neighborhood. It really is a lot of fun!

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    1. Karen, hope you have fun doing it. I had not heard of it until we moved to this new neighborhood January 2020. It has been a blast. We do something at Christmas too.

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