Beautiful Easy Spring DIY FAUX Urn Fillers

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This year, I wanted a new faux urn fillers. Let me show you how to make these beautiful easy spring DIY faux urn fillers.

I love to use faux fillers for my porch urns until the weather gets warmer. Then, I will swap out for real flowers.

There are stores that sell beautiful urn fillers for $199 to $249. Even on sale, the fillers can be pricy.

Who had $500 for two fillers for my porch? Not me!

Mine cost $50.92 each! A savings of $396.16!

That’s a huge difference too!

Last year, I made these faux tulip urn fillers below. You literally have to touch them to see if they are real.

Urn Filler Hack - Final.jpg

You can see the full tutorial for the DIY Spring Urn Filler here.

The new fillers for the urns have more spring color. It pulls some colors from the door basket to tie everything together.

How To Create a Beautiful Hanging Door Basket for Spring - Final 1

I used the same yellow and purple colors from the door basket in the urns. You can read about How To Create a Beautiful Hanging Door Basket for Spring here.

Now let me show you how easy it is to create your one beautiful spring urn fillers. I think mine look so much better than what you could order from the store.

TUTORIAL – Beautiful Easy Spring DIY FAUX Urn Fillers


You can select any flowers that you want for the planters/urns. My flowers were all purchased at Hobby Lobby for 50% off.


Affiliate links are used for your convenience at no additional cost to you. It helps to support my blog so that I can bring you more free tutorials. Thank you! Read my full disclosure here.

  • 6 lavender stems
  • 6 blue flower stems
  • 2 yellow Ranunculus stems
  • 6 purple flower stems
  • 4 white flower stems
  • 2 egg nests
  • 8 greenery fillers (I bought 2 and had 6 already)
  • Large Bag of Flat Moss
  • Floral Stems (Wooden Picks)
  • 8 Bricks Floral Craft Dry Foam (4 bricks for each urn/planter)
  • Pair of Scissors

Click on any of the photos below to take you to where to purchase them.

Let’s get creative

First, I separated my florals into two piles. We will be creating fillers for two urns.

You will start by adding two brick floral craft dry foam in a standing position (vertical). Insert your floral picks in the corners and center.

Next you will add two brick floral craft dry foam in a horizontal position (long ways) and push down to connect to the floral picks.

Adding the flowers & Nest

The floral pick has a wire on it. You will need to weave the wire through the nest and twist the wire around the pick. Next, press the nest into the brick toward the front center.

You will insert your lavender stems toward the back of the brick. These two steps anchors the arrangement to begin working in the flowers.

Add your yellow Ranunculus stem to the center back. It will be in front of the lavender stems. The blue flowers will be worked in to the left. I placed two in front of the lavender stem on the left. Then one blue stem in front of the other two blue flower stems.

Next begin working the purple and white flowers in to fill the space on the right side.

Finally, you will fill in any spaces with the greenery fillers. I have two each side (one toward the front side and one toward the back side).

Adding Moss

Any gaps, you can fill in with moss. You should glue it with Quick Drying Tacky Glue. You need a few clumps to fill in any areas where the brick could be seen.

Doesn’t it look amazing?

I just love how the fillers for the urns turned out.

Adding the final touches

Frenchie Statue for Spring

My French Bulldog Statue had to get a spring bow. This purple and white checked wired ribbon adds a sweet spring touch.

Beautiful Easy Spring DIY FAUX Urn Fillers 1.jpg

A few rabbits to the porch and it is ready for spring!

Spring Urn Filler Front Porch

The porch looks like spring. The colors are gorgeous against the Seagrass Green siding.

I just love walking up this this front porch.

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    1. Leslie, you know how much that Frenchie statue means to me. I still remember the day you called when out shopping telling me, “you got to get it”. Now, I am having fun decorating it for the seasons.

  1. They’re such beautiful arrangement, Tammy. You have a flare for arranging. I’ll bet tour porch makes your neighbors smile as they go by. xo Juliet

    1. Thank you, Jen. I will have the faux out until it’s time to plant real flowers in them. It’s been cold here but this week in the 70s and hit 80. Yay!

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